Website Design & Development

Build a luxurious home for your business on the world wide web.

Your website is the soul of your online business operations. It not only gives your business credibility but also makes it accessible. Digital marketing techniques can bring potential customers to your site, but their conversion will depend on the look and feel of your website.
Our team at Prymus can help you built a website that will drive traffic to your business. We have a team of expert developers that are fully capable of bringing your vision to the Internet. Our developers are supported by a team of expert designers to give each website a unique look and feel. Every image and design on your site gives your business a personality.
One of the biggest factors that determine the quality of the website is its content. We have a team of experienced content and copywriters who create relevant and attractive content that can hold the attention of your visitor. We write SEO friendly content so your website gets a greater number of visitors. Our copies for social media and websites can also convert your visitors into customers.


We have a defined process that not only helps you build the website that you desire, but also one that can help you generate more and more business.

Understanding Your Vision

Your business is very important to you and you want to run it according to your vision. We understand and respect your requirements for your website, and that is why we make it a priority to understand your needs requirements and ideas.
However, we do not just listen to your ideas, we also try to make them more marketable and advance, with healthy and productive discussions.

Planning and Conceptualising

Once we have an idea of what you want your website to look like, we start building the concept of the website along with the planning to execute it. What will be the look of each section, where will they be places and what platform will be used to create the site are only three of the many questions that we try to answer in the planning phase.


This is where we get to show off a little. Our developers work on creating a smooth UI for your visitors and the designers work on attractive designs that will grab their attention. Our writers create engaging content to keep your potential customers scrolling through the site.
One does with the development, we take your feedback and make the necessary changes. We keep finding interesting and innovative ways to make your website better till you are satisfied with it.

Test and Launch

We test the whole website on several times multiple devices to make sure that it is user friendly and there are no bugs errors or flaws visible on any medium. If we notice any mistake, we immediately correct it.
Once both, we and you are satisfied w3ith the Website, we launch it by uploading it to your server. If required, we also provide maintaining\ce service for your websites.