TV & Radio Advertising

Believe it or not! Traditional ad mediums work.

Television and radio are two of the most significant advertising mediums for more than three decades. Their reach has shown remarkable impact not only on the advertisement industry but also on culture in general. Thus we cannot underestimate the importance of these mediums to promote your products and services to the public.
According to a survey, on average, a person in India spends over three and a half hours watching television. This gives a huge window of opportunity for your products to leave a mark in the minds of your potential customers. With Prymus, you can effectively use these TV advertisements to promote your brand, products and services.
On the other hand, it is reported that approximately 20 crore Indians listen to the radio every month. This is a giant base of potential customers that can be reached with creative and innovative radio advertisements with Prymus. Our team of advertising experts can conceptualise, record, edit and run your ad campaigns. We can also create targeted campaigns that will appeal to your niche. Run your ads at your desired time and watch your business grow.

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Campaign Planning

An advertisement without a planned strategy is just a random video. Create a comprehensive marketing strategy that compliments your products & services and can appeal to your targeted audience.


Deliver an impactful message with witty lines that will not only hook the viewers but also turn them into potential customers.

AV Production

Disguise your message in the form of spectacular and memorable audio and/or visual content. Record, shoot and edit different forms of advertisements to tell the story of your brand.

Response Monitoring

As your campaigns roll out, we start implementing tools that will track and record the response of the campaign. Get a detailed report on the performance of your campaigns along with the estimated ROI.

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