Social Media Marketing

Gain followers and customers by promoting your brand, products and services on social media.

Today. Social media has become the most effective medium to reach out to your desired audiences. Whether you are looking to entertain people, sell your products and services, or just send a message, all you need is a social media account. However, to reach your audience quich\kly, you need the help of social media marketing (SMM).
SMM, as the name suggests, means marketing your products and services on social media. While there are organic ways to do the same, the best and the quickest way to promote your brand is to use advertisements across all social media platforms to reach the customised group of your potential customers.
At Prymus, our social media experts create attractive campaigns for your brand, with innovative concepts to draw your targeted audience towards your products and services. And Our campaign experts, run your ads across all relevant platforms to make sure that you have the highest possible returns.
Social media marketing can help you increase your brand awareness, generate leads, increase sales and more. It can also be used as a tool to build your company reputation and PR.

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Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is a form of celebrity endorsement done at different scales. It can be done at a micro-level to target a group of 10,000 people or at a mega-level to appeal to a nationwide audience. We, at Prymus, have a network of influencers from all industries, on all medium and at all levels who are ready to collaborate with you to promote and endorse your brand, products and services.

Brand Building

Building your brand is not just about creating an attractive logo and having a clever name. It is about how often and quickly people are able to recognise your business. To build awareness for your brand you need to get in front of a maximum number of eyeballs with the most impactful messages. Our marketing executives and copywriters create ad campaigns that can leave a lasting impression on your potential customers, thus creating brand awareness for your business.


Remarketing is reaching out to people who have already interacted with your brand in some form. On average only 2 % of your website visitors convert. This is why it is important to approach the remaining 98 % of people. Our team creates targeted ads and emails to reach out to the people who are already familiar with your brand. This improves your chances of getting conversions.

Community Development

People have different opinions about digital marketing strategies. Some want everyone in the world to know about their business and brand. While there are others who want to build a loyal consumer base that will follow their brand. Our marketing experts create interesting customer experiences and build communities around them to enable the visitors to communicate with each other and the brand.

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