Email Marketing

Send compelling advertisements, proposals and more to prospective clients.

Sending any type of commercial message to a potential consumer can be seen as a form of email marketing. It is one of the oldest ways to promote your products and services online. As technology has progressed, we have found a lot of new ways to promote your brand, but email and SMS marketing hasn’t become obsolete. It is still one of the most commonly used techniques for marketing.
The primary purpose of an emailer or a text message is to grab the customer’s attention and try to sell them your products and services. Our marketing experts at Prymus, create attractive messages that will help you convert your leads into customers. We have a team of experienced writers and graphic designers who create content that can grab the attention of your potential customers.
Emails and SMSs are a part of the direct marketing approach that allows you to approach your potential customers. These customers are chosen from a database of people who might be interested in products and services that are similar to yours. Our team of marketing associates also have a pre-built database of potential customers. However, they are also equipped with techniques to build a custom database according to your requirements.

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Email Marketing

Send cold emails and well-designed emailers that do not end up in the spam folders of your clients’ ids. It is one of the oldest digital marketing practices that is still seen as one of the strongest tools to increase sales and conversions. We use professional tools to not only send emails in bulk but also to create and preserve a database of your potential customers.

SMS Marketing

Send short yet impactful messages to future clients for a greater rate of conversion with Prymus. SMSs are the best medium to deliver information on discounts or sales or any specific products. Our copywriters create short messages that will attract customers to visit your website.

WhatsApp Marketing

Slide into the WhatsApp accounts of your contacts with your business account promote your products and services with attractive copies. Some people might assume that WhatsApp and SMS marketing are the same but there is a huge difference between the two. WhatsApp allows you to send longer with more details of your products. It also promotes back and forth conversation with the clients. This allows you to understand the requirements of your consumers and serve them accordingly.

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